40 Acts – A Brave Church

March 13, 2019
Speaker: Ian Campbell
We are joining over 100,000 individuals and 1000s of churches around the world to spend Lent generously. What if rather than only giving something up for Lent we went all out and added some generosity and gave out kindness? Every day we will have a thought supplied by e-mail and every Sunday we will keep step with a study about some characteristics of the Acts church, a church that lived out generosity and grace in the heady and terrifying early days of Christianity.

A Brave church
Acts 5.40-42
Is “brave” an adjective that would be used of you? In what area of your life would you be called that? I imagine that it wouldn’t be used often of us when it comes to our Christian faith or witness. However, for many of our brothers and sisters worldwide, this is precisely the word that comes to mind. Well in so many ways we are thankful for our freedoms and privileges in living our Christian lives here in the West. So we are not called to be brave very often, or are we? Let’s think about that.