40 Acts

During Lent 2020 (starting February 26th) we will again be joining the 40acts challenge. Let’s all get on board as we look towards 100% participation. This can be as simple as receiving a daily e-mail with an act of kindness challenge on a scale of simple to more involved option as individuals, families and whole church. To sign up go to https://40acts.org.uk/ and press the “get started” button. You can also download the family wall chart here

A new branch in our experience of the 40acts will be the formation of small groups that will interact with the weekly topic and Scriptures as well as teaming up for 40acts. Would you like to join or lead a 40acts small group? Drop us a line (office@southsidemilton.org or text us (905.878.5664) to say so and we’ll sign you up