40 Days of Generosity

We have just embarked on the church season known as Lent. In some traditions this is a time to exercise the discipline of abstinence – we give some luxury up for Lent. That is a good practice indeed, but in keeping with the teachings of Jesus who supported the restrictive discipline of the law, the ten commandments (decalogue) in particular, but enriched them enormously by what the Reformers called synecdoche in filling them out to their inflated positives and depths and heights, we are calling on one another to give up but also, and lavishly, give out. It is, for us all, an opportunity for generosity. This generosity begins with a renewed awareness of those and our world around us. It is a time to slow down and be intentional about grace. We at Southside@Main are joining with hundreds and thousands around the world and challenge you to sign up with us.