What difference would it make to know God well? We’re in the second chapter of Knowing God titled The People who know their God. On this Mother’s Day weekend we’ll turn our attention to a young person who would be the delight of his mother as she, if she got to watch from a nearer distance than this mother did, would see the fruition of her example, guidance and instruction. Daniel was a young man deported from his home and settled in a foreign country among an enemy people. This would seem to be a formula for bitterness and perhaps even underground resistance. But he was wise for his age. We can certainly apply the criterion “..know their God” to him and his friends. The moral and religious instruction, we can imagine, from his mother’s knee had settled from his mind into his heart and we are simply told that he had “purposed in his heart” not to defile himself with a diet that offended his faith. The rest of the story of the book dedicated to him unfolds from this simple but firm character commitment. As we make a stop at the Daniel balcony we have much to learn and to take on to our traveler equipment.