A Magic Deeper Still (2)

Speaker: Ian Campbell
In a moment that we might call an epiphany for the characters Susan and Lucy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Aslan, the Christ character, tells the children that although the Witch knew the deep magic, there is a magic deeper still that she didn’t know because her knowledge only went back to the beginning of time. And then the lion says that he feels like roaring and dashes off with the children for a grand romp through Narnia full of celebration, joy and recklessness!
As we have listened to Jesus’ teachings – his parables – we have noticed that he subtly and overtly has made us realize that his coming was not only for the renovation of religion, although that seemed to be the purpose of many of his stories. He came to practice “the magic deeper still!”
In this short teaching series we will explore that magic. And may we experience an epiphany like Susan and Lucy, and his first time followers and friends. And may there be a grand romp for us all!

Philippians 2.6-8
Hebrews 4.15
If for C.S Lewis “magic” is simply the way things work and “deeper magic” is humanity’s search for meaning, then “magic deeper still” is the behind the scenes, outside the world, before Creation mystery of the ways things work. This is the domain of the mind of God. Did Jesus come to make us privy to the mind of God? Is this the deep and mysterious realm of theology? Well then, let’s press into Narnia. Let’s wonder. We have asked why God had to become mortal. Dare we ask how God became mortal?