A Magic Deeper Still – The Back Room

Speaker: Ian Campbell
“A magic deeper still..”
In a moment that we might call an epiphany for the characters Susan and Lucy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Aslan, the Christ character, tells the children that although the Witch knew the deep magic, there is a magic deeper still that she didn’t know because her knowledge only went back to the beginning of time. And then the lion says that he feels like roaring and dashes off with the children for a grand romp through Narnia full of celebration, joy and recklessness!
As we have listened to Jesus’ teachings – his parables – we have noticed that he subtly and overtly has made us realize that his coming was not only for the renovation of religion, although that seemed to be the purpose of many of his stories. He came to practice “the magic deeper still!”
In this short teaching series we will explore that magic. And may we experience an epiphany like Susan and Lucy, and his first time followers and friends. And may there be a grand romp for us all!

The Back Room
Job 1.6-7
Matthew 4.1-11
What was the deal made in eternity’s back room? What access did Satan have to the back room discussions? What was his actual claim on humanity? What was the nature of the transaction made by God becoming human and dying on the cross then raised from the dead. The theological term is atonement. What happened to us?