a magic deeper still

In the marvellous children’s classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe C.S. Lewis cleverly tells the story of Jesus through the character Aslan. In one magnificent passage Aslan discloses something about the witch who is responsible for Narnia always being “winter, but never Christmas.” She has defeated Aslan once and for all, or so she thinks, by killing him on the stone table in exchange for the life of Edmund. However Aslan is alive again to the sheer delight of the brokenhearted children. He comes upon Susan and Lucy. When they dare to ask him how he could possibly be alive his powerful answer is that ‘though the witch knew the deep magic, there’s a magic deeper still that she did not know. Her knowledge goes back only to the dawn of time. For the next few weeks we will look into the idea of a magic deeper still directly to the life and death of Jesus. We have had a good listen to the stories of Jesus and a strong sense of his coming to thoroughly renovate religion. And we wondered if that is the end of the story – the whole reason for his coming. But he insists on hinting about a far deeper meaning, a far greater purpose. A magic deeper still. That’s what we long to understand. How does the magic deeper still explain his humanness, his death and the claims about his resurrection. Why did God have to become mortal? Why did he die? Why crucifixion? Why resurrected? What was the magic deeper still?quote-though-the-witch-knew-the-deep-magic-there-is-a-magic-deeper-still-which-she-did-not-know-her-c-s-lewis-247152.jpg (850×400)