an imaginarium

The song I can only Imagine has become quite a favourite in our circles. Imagination is a lovely God gift to his creation. While the apostle tells us that we have not seen nor could our heart grasp all that God has in store for us we can certainly start to imagine! N.T. Wright has prompted so many to begin to think new ways about the future as he exhorts us to grasp that the hope of the Christian is not just the life after death, but the life after the life after death. John Eldredge has pressed the point in his All Things New. We have a new starting point for our imagination. Rather than start from scratch to imagine heaven we can now start with what we already see and experience as we realize that God will release creation from its corruption along with us and all things will be made new. So we can set our imaginations free, engage our right brains and feast on the lavish gifts of the arts to dream of our future. At Southside you are invited to create, to discover, to imagine and enjoy visions of the renewal of earth. Write a poem, draw a picture, sing a song, tell a story use all that you love to describe the future that you love when all is renewed, all is regained and all is remembered.