Bible Discussion Group Info Meeting

We are interested in forming a Bible Discussion group for people to share their opinions and thoughts on specific topics from the Bible that can be difficult and challenging. Just a few examples:
o On troublesome passages Exodus 20:5 – punishing children for the sin of their fathers to the third and fourth generations
o On Righteous living – what constitutes a righteous person? The word righteous/righteousness is used 545 times in the Bible (NIV). There are dozens of verses in the Bible that describe the behavior of a righteous person, examples, Exodus 23:2, Ephesians 4:2 How righteous are you?
o On being possessed (the term demon-possession is used in the NIV) Can people be possessed today as they were in biblical times?

An information meeting will be held on Sunday May 27th following the morning service in the Southside room. For more information contact