Blessed are the PeaceMakers

What is the difference between peacekeepers and peacemakers? I’m thinking that the latter requires enormous intention and effort. Keeping peace presupposes that all of that has been accomplished and now simply needs management and maintenance. Peace is a condition, a state that has been reached between at least two parties who, presumably, were not previously at peace. War is, of course, the antithesis of peace. However war has various degrees doesn’t it! Between war and peace are various stages and expressions. A strange word imported into our language is detente. An even stranger expression is what we call “cold war.” Peace is an extreme. Peacemaking is extreme work. But it is Godly work. It is redemptive work. It is kingdom work. The greatest example of peacemaking is what Jesus has done to unite us with God and with one another. He did this through the enormous act of death. His blood on the cross did this. The Christian symbol of the cross illustrates the vertical and horizontal dimensions of peace made.