blessed are the poor in spirit

There is a kind of poverty that is a requirement for the full presence of God in our lives and for our full presence in His life. It is known as poverty of spirit. The term “poor” gives us a hint as to what this inner life quality is as we meditate on physical poverty itself. It is the state of having nothing. Ironically there is a particular disposition on God’s part towards those who are physically poor and we must attend to them if we are to act in God-like ways. But our lesson is the heart poverty of the Kingdom. In The Eight Doors of the Kingdom Father Jacques Philippe says: “Poverty of heart is really the freedom that is present in receiving everything freely and of giving everything freely, setting aside ego, with its pretensions and demands. It means dying to self, a radical detachment that leads us to the perfect transparency of God’s actions, and the joy of receiving and giving freely.” It’s freedom that is the operative dynamic in this inner life quality. There is freedom from entitlement, ownership and responsibility. There is the simple joy of receiving and giving, the joy of dependence and freedom from worry rooted in our confidence in God’s mercy and grace for all we are and who we are.