Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Heart. Isn’t it interesting that the core blood pump of the human body has been so glamorized? On this day after Valentine’s we still have heart shaped treats, cards with stylized hearts on the covers and the most recognizable icon of the heart all around! So why has the heart come to symbolize love? The Bible also is guilty of this hijacking!

Wikipedia describes the symbolic use of the heart as “the centre of the entire body, the seat of life, or emotion, or reason, will, intellect, purpose or the mind.” And Jesus seems to have this in mind when he says that those who are pure in heart are blessed. They are the ones who will see God. Perhaps this not so much a promise of a future experience as a declaration of ability – those with pure hearts will be able to see God. John Stott says that the primary reference of the beatitude is sincerity. The pure in heart have their whole lives, public and private, transparent before others. Their very heart – including thoughts and motives – is pure, unmixed with anything devious, ulterior or base.

My daughter in law spends her days in hospitals working with other medical professionals helping to prevent or remediate blockages (my lay term) in people’s hearts. Spiritually we can have significant blockages in our hearts as we allow clutter of one kind or another to lodge in our “arteries.” Then we are not able to see God so well.