blessed are those who mourn

I had never considered the frequency of the theme of comfort in Scripture until this past Christmas’ annual pilgrimage to hear Messiah with good friends. Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God. I am realizing that this is not just a situational niceness of God or an opportunity for kindness for His people but a part of the great story, the grand narrative. Because the proper state of heart and mind for humans living in our brokenness and failings of the fallenness of corruption is mourning we need the tender embrace of a loving God who brings comfort. While we can comfort one another only out of our own brokenness and to the degree we have been comforted it is a profound realization that the One who delivers deep comfort is the One who has also dealt with corruption and when He says “it will be alright!” it is not as empty desperate hoping, but certain. They will be comforted.