As our children were growing up and I was involved in pastoral ministry in a few churches over those years it seems we had lots of conversations about “pastors’ kids” and “deacons’ kids” and how that was a recipe for disaster (as our PKs and DKs set out then to prove true!) Our teaching this weekend concerns the very first church deacons who preceded all the deacon jokes through time. It was a very wise and strategic plan implemented by the apostolic church leaders. There was an obvious need and opportunity for a program in the church to look after some neglected widows in the distribution of meals and food. In the church today pastors and staff teams are often confronted with a well meaning congregant’s suggestion that “church should..” Rather than feel responsible for doing the work of the widows’ meal provision the apostles, not demeaning the importance of this program, commissioned respected leaders to staff and implement this important ministry. In doing so they stayed true to their calling and gifting while mobilizing other gifted brother and sisters to discover and exercise theirs. Still a great model! Don’t wait for the paid or faithful few to get things done. Identify opportunities, gain the blessing of the church and have at it!