“I feel I am going to roar!”

Having asked “Why did God become mortal?” and “why did Jesus have to die?” the next question we are led to is “why did Jesus have to rise from the dead?” How did that factor into the decisions made in heaven’s back room? Would sin and death not have been adequately dealt with by the incarnation and death of Jesus as we now understand some more of the magic deeper still? What was added by the resurrection? When Aslan appears to the brokenhearted children and they begin to grasp what has happened at the stone table he invites them to climb on his back as they have a long way tp travel and then he suggests they cover their ears as he feels he is “going to roar!” The resurrection is the roar of Jesus, the roar of victory over sin and death and indeed corruption itself. There will be no more death even though there is the memory of death in our dying. But dying has now been emptied of its sting. So the apostle now refers to “falling asleep.” Because the awaking is to resurrection. Restored to our un-fallen state we continue into God’s glorious future without any remnant of death.