Knowing God – Talking to God

April 28, 2019
Speaker – Ian Campbell
Knowing God
This Sunday we commence a new study series called “Knowing God,” based on the J.I. Packer book with the same title. We will track with the chapters and also encourage you to acquire the book and use the study questions personally or with some friends as weekly follow up discussions. Packer begins the book with the distinction between those on the path of life who are “balconeers” and those who are “travelers.” The first are content with theory and observer status while the second – what we hope to be – are on the journey, needing to know what they need to know as a matter of daily direction and indeed survival. Let’s join the journey.

Knowing God: J. I. Packer is available for Kindle and as a published book, available from

Talking with God
Exodus 33.11
In all of our study about who and how God is, one of the most startling statements of Scripture concerns the Ancient Moses that the Lord would talk to Moses face to face as a person does with a friend. Let this hope grow in our hearts that such could be our knowledge of God.