picture of woman sweeping floor looking for coin

lost things

Perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences in life – to lose something! The aggravation would seem to be proportional to the worth of the lost item. In chapter 15 Luke recounts Jesus’ 3 stories about lost items – a sheep, a coin, a boy. The occasion, once again, is an encounter with religious leaders who find fault with Jesus’ habit of hanging out with “undesirables.” So Jesus’ stories are to tell us about the kingdom’s view of such “undesirables.” Many movements have certainly captured these types of missions by identifying the “undesirables” as the “least, the last and the lost.” Not a bad caricature. Remember that they were on the revised guest list to the great banquet in a recent story of Jesus. But is that the point, that God has settled for a second best crowd? These stories set us straight on that. In all 3 we are shown an owner who is beside himself or herself, driven to distraction over the loss of something so precious that the search is all encompassing and seemingly irresponsible at that! One sheep draws the shepherd away from 99. One lost coin takes over the other necessary household chores as a priority. One lost son has a father staring down the pathway, unaware of all else happening around him. Why? The incredible value of the loss. Are you lost? Someone is obsessing over finding you. It might surprise you as to who that is. 3 stories tell you that it is God. Your Father.