Message from Pastor Ian – April 1st

Greetings Southside@Home!

This is your regular Wednesday update from me. I’m praying for us all that we may grasp what Paul said “speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you’ll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you’re already doing this; just keep doing it.” Doesn’t that take on a new and significant meaning for us in these days?

As promised we have been establishing regular communication to Southside on Wednesdays and on the weekend. We will continue with this rhythm for the foreseeable future. Please feed back to me how this is working for you. One of the challenges we face in this way of communicating is that we don’t always hear back about how we’re doing. So please feel free to reply to this email for sure! And along the lines of Paul’s encouragement please let’s find ways to “speak encouraging words to one another.” If something comes to mind that you would like to post to all of us just reply to this email with the thought and we’ll pass that encouragement along to everyone for you. Or go to Southside’s Facebook page! Or join us on the weekend as we zoom.

Well we are almost upon what we call Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday. We won’t have the opportunity to gather and wave palm branches, but let me encourage us to put some branches or greenery in our front windows to celebrate the great hope of Palm Sunday and the triumphal entry of Jesus offered His great and loving Kingdom.

This weekend we will celebrate communion together by zoom, so as you receive an invitation and link to zoom on Sunday why not have your own bread and cup to join in. Next week we will have both a Good Friday and Easter Sunday broadcast for you and celebrate what has not changed at all even as the world changes around us – the powerful death and resurrection of Jesus!

After Easter I have a new teaching series in mind that has to do with the “new normal” of life during and after the pandemic. Do you have questions about what it all means, how it fits with the ”future” teaching of the Bible? Send me your questions to

Pressing On with you!