Message from Pastor Ian – December 3

Hello Southside Family,

On a lovely wintery snowy day it’s hard to believe we are still in the middle of the weary wait for relief from the pandemic. But we are and possibly the hardest wait of all as we anxiously wait for the vaccines. Good news from England yesterday says it may be just around the corner for all of us. But we need to cross the finish line with the diligence we have mustered thus far. I urge you to keep your guards up – mask wearing and distancing top among the behaviours that will get us there. As Halton has been moved into the Red we are planning to continue our Sunday Livestreaming from 200 Main as we are permitted to do. However, we must redouble our efforts to be careful for one another as we gather. You can find the links here for our opportunities to keep on “assembling together” at 200 Main or in the safety of your home. It was good to see more of you joining the Zoom call on Sunday and I invite you to come to the Zoom call this coming Sunday (email for the link.) It’s the first Sunday of the month, when we usually take communion together. We’ll Zoom from 11.30 and finish the Zoom by having communion together. If you are coming to 200 Main would you mind bringing your juice and bread with you as the others bring theirs to the Zoom gathering? This is a special and holy opportunity for worship as a church and I’m looking forward to gathering with you!
Pressing On,
Pastor Ian
P.S. Don’t forget to send your family photos soon for our Christmas Collage.