Message from Pastor Ian – October 20th


Hello Southside!

It was wonderful on Sunday to see some old faces back in the building. And there was a lovely sense of being together singing and worshiping as a family. As the reality of languishing (a thoroughly appropriate word for our days) has settled in I’m praying that some renewed life is emerging among us. As Southsiders some to mind be sure to pray for them and send a text, email or make a phone call to say hello. We are open for business and have new window invitations to invite passers-by to know they are welcome as well. We still have spaced out room for you and others 🙂

As we have shifted to live worship music now at 200 Main we plan to pull out all the stops to reinvigorate our fellowship as a church family meeting together. The services will be recorded and available each week within a few days of the service for you to view if you can’t come physically. 

We have had a longstanding happy relationship with Re:Soul and are encouraging you to support their Open House this coming Sunday afternoon – check out the details in the picture at the top of the page.

May the Lord bless and keep you!
Pastor Ian