Message from Pastor Ian – August 5th

Good Wednesday Afternoon Southside@Home

As summer is half way through and we look for the Fall on the horizon it’ll be September before we know it! I wonder how we will remember the summer of 2020. We might just hope that we will never see another one like it in our lifetimes. However the Lord has certainly been present in His world and perhaps we should take the time in the middle to reflect on how He has been working. Has He reminded us of the frailty of human life? Of the need for wisdom far beyond what is human? Has He reminded us of those things that are truly important in life? I would think that sharpest among those are the relationships with one another that we cherish. As we have more freedom to collect and meet let’s be sure to count our blessings.

As we prepare for September we’re hoping to reopen at 200 Main in a careful way within the parameters of Provincial guidelines for meeting together. In the next few weeks we will outline the steps and details but please look forward to Labour Day Weekend to begin to meet together both by live-streaming and physical meeting in the building.

Please pray that we will have wisdom and the blessing of the Lord as we seek to be present once more on Main Street. Remember that the Lord led us to our building and gave it to us for our opportunity to love our neighbours. So we will press on and continue to love God and love our Milton friends.

Goods for Nothing services will be available soon. A slow opening of 200 Main is surely coming!

Pastor Ian