Message from Pastor Ian – January 19th

Good Wednesday Southside,

I’m thinking that the blizzard we experienced together on Monday had an unexpected blessing. For our children perhaps it was a chance finally to get outside into the snow and get the sleds and shovels out of the garage and put them to work and play. While for some the driving was far from a blessing yet for those who were able to rev up a snowmobile or a snowblower it was even fun.

But the unexpected blessing was what we might call the opportunity for Snow Kindness. That’s the sort of kindness that was dormant in our hearts until a blizzard gave it permission to go outside. Neighbours shovelled or plowed snow in neighbours’ driveways; strangers exerted pent up energy by pushing cars out of snow drifts; people watched out for one another. One gave a ride to a doctor’s or hospital appointment, another helped steady an uncertain pedestrian walking through the layer upon layer of snow. Snow Kindness is in most or even all of us to show but we need to let it out. What if we saw the pandemic as a season of blizzards? What if we were even more diligent to notice ways to be kind? What if we were less inclined to criticize others for their succumbing to the unexpected twists and turns but more inclined to give the benefit of the doubt?

What if we actually had Snow Kindness in our Christian toolbox? Or do we? (“The fruit of the Spirit is … kindness … Galatians 5.22.)

Digging one another out,

Pastor Ian