Message from Pastor Ian – May 27th

Hello Southside@Home!

So, summer has arrived a bit early this week! A nice respite from the indoor quarantine isn’t it 🙂 Let’s do our part in distancing and avoiding large groups so that summer can come with more of the activities we have enjoyed safely and let’s pray for a continued decline in new cases as we move forward.

There is a lot of talk about reopening, of course, and places of worship are very much in the mix. A petition has been sent to the Premier asking for churches to be made accessible as soon as possible. You have no doubt watched the U.S. drama as the President has deemed places of worship necessary, which seems to me to be good news and possibly bad all at the same time! Tomorrow there is a conference call with a doctor who has been part of the Canadian government’s advisory team and he will be briefing church leaders on the approach to reopening churches when it is appropriate. I’ll join that call so that we have the best advice for Southside on hand. 200 Main is actually well configured for safe regathering with flexible seating arrangements and video live-streaming from the downstairs to the upstairs. So let’s hope the day will soon come when we see one another face to face in person. Don’t we miss the days, now, of the sounds of little feet running around in the Beloved Kids Zone. It’ll be great to hear that again. I know that Southside families have felt the absence of gathering and Zoom meetings are not a great venue when you have children demanding your attention. To the parents at home – please feel free anyway to join in our Southside@Home hangout and communion on Sundays.

I was chatting with Aaron Lalvani (one of our elders) last evening and he was observing that there may be a new “hybrid” version of church gatherings as we mix and match the old programs with what we have learned from the necessity of moving on-line. So there will be great learnings for us all if we pay attention.  

So indeed we “press on” full of our Living Hope.

Praying that we all stay safe and well,

Pastor Ian