Wednesday Update – July 28th

Good Morning Southside,

We’re rapidly approaching the start of August and so in the middle of vacation season. I hope you are all enjoying the summer enough to need a small reminder that today is Wednesday! 

A couple of weeks ago Pastor Ian suggested some vacation reading – The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows by James Bryan Smith. It got me wondering, what vacation reading you would suggest?

I’m not an avid reader but, not surprisingly, music is my thing. I’ve been listening to a variety of new music but I think my current favourite album is Show Me What it Means from a band called Land of Color. I’ve used their Morning Song a couple of times during the countdown (with their permission) and this album has songs that give the same relaxing summer feel. (I’ve added the links so if you’d like to listen to them on YouTube click on the highlighted words.)

What are you listening to? I’m always encouraged when I get your listening suggestions, old & new, so send them along to

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!