We have started a new endeavour to benefit those in Milton who are homeless – Milton Compassion Project. Although they might seem invisible, we have homeless people here and with the hardship of the pandemic, those numbers may have grown. One gathering of tents near Rotary Park has been spotted and maybe you know of other places where you have seen a gathering or an individual who appears to be living outdoors. In an effort to remind them that they are loved by God, we would like to put together bags that would be available to give away. We are hoping to start with 25 bags, spending approximately $20 per bag. Our benevolent fund is providing some seed money and I am seeking some donations as well. I have sourced most of the items listed below with some outstanding items still to be sourced at the best possible prices. If you have a connection that can donate any of these items, please let me know. Also, if you have suggestions of other items that should be included, please send your ideas.

The bags would contain the following types of items:


Granola bar
Applesauce cup
Cheese and crackers
Tuna packs
Protein bars
Trail Mix
Tim’s Gift cards ($10/each)

Lip Balm
Wet Wipes
Nail Clippers
Hand Sanitizer (3.4 oz)
Face masks
Gently used clean blankets

There are several ways that you can contribute:

  • If you sew, perhaps you could use some scrap material (or we have some you can use) to sew some drawstring bags that we could use to package these items. Size to be determined.
  • If you like to write, perhaps you could write personal notes of prayer and blessing that we can include in each bag. In addition, we would like to include contact information for our church. Details to come.
  • If you like to read and have some gently used novels to donate, we could include a book in each bag.
  • If you like to walk, perhaps you will see (and already regularly see) someone who could benefit from a bag. If you are not comfortable approaching the person, you can send an email to the church describing the location and someone will attempt to make a connection.
  • If you have some gently used blankets, freshly laundered, that can be donated, those could be included in the bags.
  • I would love to compile a list of resources in Milton that could also be of benefit (e.g. food bank location/hours, GFN hours, etc.) so if someone already has a good handle on that, please let me know. (I was wondering if Milton has any place for the homeless to shower as we have no YMCA-type facility.)
  • If you would like to be a part of the packing, you could come to the church on a given date (masks on of course) and help assemble the bags.
  • It would be lovely to include a Tim’s gift card of $10 in each bag so if some people wanted to donate one or more of those, we could include one in each bag.

Of course, prayers are always a foundational element of an effort like this so please pray for all of us to see the needs, to have opportunity to speak with and give the bags to the ones who need them, to pray that they feel the love of their Creator through this simple act of compassion. My hope is to include an element of relationship-building and not just a supply of ‘things,’ therefore we will need to ask for discernment as we pray for the Lord to show us where we can serve in His name here in our own community. RE:SOUL is planning to partner with us in keeping watch for any youth who find themselves homeless as there is currently no youth shelter here in Milton.  Thank you in advance for any support you are led to give to this project.

Please pray over this as it comes to mind. As there is a need, let’s try to meet it with the bigger message of God’s love for each and every person, restoring dignity and a sense of worth.

You can direct any questions or suggestions to the church office: