Postcards from the Future – Blessed are the poor

January 6, 2019
Speaker: Ian Campbell
Through the season of Epiphany we are going to visit the teaching of Jesus called the Beatitudes. These eight “rights and responsibilities” have been called the constitution of the Kingdom of God. We have been talking about the Christian hope as the life after the life after death and we’ll see how these principles are seated in the current dynamics of the Christin life in the world and how they will be seated in the new creation. Along the way we will explore theories on the unfolding of the future events of our world.

Blessed are the poor..
Matthew 5.3
In what ways could this statement possibly be true? Do we have the right definition of terms? Let’s begin our study by pressing in on that question and then see how the future hope in the new heaven and earth may be informed by this aspect of the new community.