One of the most important lessons in Kindergarten.. learning to share! And is it not one of the hardest life lessons for all of us to learn at any age? It seems to me that one of the first words our children said was “mine!” And our perfect little angels (when they had us all to themselves and could believe they were indeed the centre of the universe) immediately morphed into some other kind of “being” when a competitor entered the ring!

In the young church there was bona fide sharing of possessions and we’re told they had all things in common and no one had need. What is there about this particular dynamic that is so important? When sharing is the rule of community we must deal with some inner issues. AnnaBeth and I once loaned our camping gear to the College and Career group of our church and when it was returned it was hardly recognizable as what we loaned. We had to deal with surprising emotions .. anger, resentment, a sense of justice, of having been wronged.. Sharing pushes us to the limit of grace. We might think we are not possessive or selfish until we are required to share. What possession or commodity might I put to the sharing test? Time, tools, toys?