We need your help!

We have various volunteer roles and various time slots we need to fill. So please check out the volunteer form by clicking the button below to sign up for a role and a time slot.

If you have energy and time, we would REALLY appreciate you signing up for multiple roles in multiple time slots.


Water Cannon Fire Fighting

At this station, participants will be competing to put out forest fires with their water cannons. We recognize all the service that firefighting pilots do for our communities during forest fire season.

This volunteer team will be in charge of resetting the stations for each group of participants, ensuring their cannons are full, fires are set (not real fires), and participants know the rules for the game.

There may be prizes for the best firefighters in our midst!

World Map Photo Booth

The world map Photo Booth is a chance to stop and take a photo with your friends and family. Each participant will get to add a pin to the map representing a place they are from, or a place they have travelled to. The photos will be sent to the participants in an email, and each participant will enter a draw for a major prize that will be given away at the end of Summerfest 2024! This station is in recognition of all the pilots who get us across the world safely to see our friends and family.

The volunteer team will be managing the pins and the photos, making sure proper contact information is received in order to follow up with the photo and contact the winner of the major prize.

Paper Airplane Landing Simulation:

This activity will require the participants full creativity, engineering, and gentle steady touch as they build their own custom paper airplane and attempt to land it on the runway to win a prize. This station is a celebration of all the missionary pilots who fly to remote places in the world to bring food, medicine, and the gospel to people who lack easy access to such things.

The volunteer team will be managing the paper airplane building station (the Hanger) ensuring the materials are kept in an orderly fashion while giving tips to our airplane builders. This team will also manage the landing attempts and hand out prizes for successful landings.

Volunteer Time Slots: