Sunday Services

Our services are currently both in person & livestreamed online. To help us comply with capacity limits and contact tracing protocols please click the link below to register before attending the service at 200 Main.

September 19th
“Such a Time as This” (3) – Mordecai
Esther 2
Mordecai challenged Esther to use her opportunity for God’s plan and asked  “Who knows but that you have attained royalty for such a time as this” Why am I where I am, doing what I do as far as God is concerned? We’ll talk about discerning our place in this world as having been fixed for God to use for His plans.

September 26th
“Such a Time as This” (4)
Esther 8
Do you have friends and neighbours who are of the Jewish Faith? What relationship do we as Christians have with these friends? How do you think Israel has factored into world history and what is the future for Israel? Esther saved a nation from extinction!