Sunday Services

Our services are currently both in person & recorded to be available online. To help us comply with capacity limits and contact tracing protocols please click the link below to register before attending the service at 200 Main.

November 14th
Back To Church? – Serving
Ephesians 2.19-22; 4.1-16
We are called into service as followers of Christ and thoroughly equipped to fulfill our responsibilities. As we seek to re-set church what can we unlearn and relearn in these times?

November 21st
Back to Church?
Col 2.1-3
The Apostle Paul expresses his concern for believers who “have not seen his face” or literally “in the flesh.” Does that pique our interest in these days of not having experienced church in person? The same concerns are for those with whom we are together in person or virtually. What are they?

The Magnificat
My soul MAGNIFIES the Lord. This is the line that has given rise to the term Magnificat. Throughout Advent this year we will settle into the prayer of praise that Mary spoke and we find recorded by Luke.

November 28th
Why Mary?
Luke 1.46, 48-49
Ever since the life of Jesus Mary has been the fascination of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Church and venerating her is central to their faith. The Protestant Church draws criticism and more because of indifference to Mary. Who was she and how do we understand her part in the drama of Christianity?