Face of Jesus captioned "The Stories He Told!" according to Luke

The Stories He Told – New Cloth & Wineskins

“The Stories He told!”
Jesus’ main communication style was storytelling. The great truths he wanted us to understand were wrapped in story, sometimes delighting, sometimes baffling, but always capturing the attention and imagination of his audience. Just as we saw that John picked out Jesus’ “I am..” statements so we see that Luke was particularly interested in Jesus’ stories. He actually recorded 19 that are unique to him which we will ponder over the summer months. What was the individual and collective meaning of these tales?

New Cloth and Wineskins
Luke 5.36-39
In this, our last, unique parable of Jesus we come to the question of his purpose in the parables as retold by Luke as well as our previous work on the “I Am..” statements that John retold us. Do we have enough gathered memory now to ask about Jesus’ fundamental purpose in his life? Was it the renovation of religion with the corrections about what a religious life is really like from the “I am..” accounts as well as the corrections about what the Father is really like from the stories? And is it the new wine needing new wineskins that is the final key to the life of Jesus? Are we done here in the Gospels with our marching orders having to do with the renewal of religion? Or is there more? Much more?