Face of Jesus captioned "The Stories He Told!" according to Luke

“The Stories He Told!” – Paying Life Forward

July 8, 2018 Speaker: Ian Campbell
Jesus’ main communication style was storytelling. The great truths he wanted us to understand were wrapped in story, sometimes delighting, sometimes baffling, but always capturing the attention and imagination of his audience. Just as we saw that John picked out Jesus’ “I am..” statements so we see that Luke was particularly interested in Jesus’ stories. He actually recorded 19 that are unique to him which we will ponder over the summer months. What was the individual and collective meaning of these tales?

“Paying life forward”
Luke 12.41-48, 2 Cor 5.10
Having considered the two great Jesus “game changers” – mortality and Jesus’ return – we are instructed now by Jesus’ further expansion to his stories about readiness and we’ll also jump forward again to the writings of the apostle about living lives that pay forward into the Kingdom.