the study of God

C.H. Spurgeon in the 19th Century proposed in a sermon that “the proper study of Christians is the Godhead.” I wonder by which date this comment had already become anachronistic in Western Society and then also by which date it became outdated even among Christians. We find ourselves in a day when this is at best relegated to the Academy and at that the more specific and out of the way halls of study. This topic is not of practical importance for the everyday person. Sadly we may also say that such a topic of study for Christians is passé in a day of utilitarian popular church culture. What does that do to help me Monday to Friday? How do we know that what we’re told is actually true? Can we trust the institution that has claimed to speak for this God and assist us to speak to Him? Or in an inclusive culture of ideologies and philosophies how can we even consider the study of God to be profitable as though we can reach conclusions that are objectively true?

The answer, I think, is to start out on the pilgrimage and see what it yields. Game?