Early Christ followers were said to devote themselves to four activities. The verb means to persistently commit oneself to something. They persisted in the apostles’ teaching, to fellowship, to breaking bread and prayer. Was there a time in our lives when we had a more vibrant version of church? When we were more persistent? Which of the four will need more attention if we are to return to that vibrancy? Do we need to re-whet our appetite for Scripture, reading, listening, learning? Must we deepen our relationships more intentionally with brothers and sisters, pressing in closer, listening, caring? Should we plan more table times with one another at which we welcome Christ’s presence as well? Do we engage in contemplative conversations of prayer with our Father? Often when I attend workshops the leader challenges participants to decide to do one thing as a result of our learnings within the next twenty-four hours. In the four areas of unity in the Acts church which one best augurs for revitalization of “church” for me? For you? What will I do in the next twenty-four hours?