Vision & Mission

Our Vision is about God’s Future in our Presence
Our Mission is about God’s Future by our Presence

2000 years ago, a man made an astonishing claim. He said “I’m here now. Everything has changed.” Southside@Main’s reason for being is this claim. We believe what Jesus said and that changes everything for us. He said that God’s kingdom was nearby and that was something that was new. He was the one who made it so. So, he said that we must unlearn old ideas, religious or otherwise, and learn new ones. God’s Kingdom is a new order of things that is arriving into the middle of the old order. We might call it God’s future. In God’s future everything wrong will be over, everything broken will be fixed and the world will be right again. Jesus said that God’s future was arriving in our present. This future state of things is here now and not yet! This provides the context for our Vision and Mission. We have a vision of God’s perfect future plans for the world and its people arriving in its full glory and we are always how the presence of this kingdom can be experienced in the here and now. Our mission is to live lives that welcome God’s kingdom now by our presence in the world. When the world is not perfect we ask, “what is the kingdom version of this situation and how can our presence here make that difference?”

Let’s have some dialogue about the practical implications of our vision and mission by trying out the question “what would the kingdom version of this look like?” in some real life real world scenarios. Can you supply a test case for us?