humility: be like the bamboo, the higher you grow the deeper you bow - Chinese proverb

wedding etiquette

In the midst of his kingdom teaching Jesus offers some wedding etiquette advice. In a day and culture where honour and shame were key dynamics he called his audience out on their behaviour around seats of honour. This was a familiar scenario even with his own disciples who were often bickering and posturing about what their ranks were among his followers and when his kingdom would be established. It’s hard to miss the key teaching of Jesus about humility and servanthood but it’s a hard learn. And it continues to be a hard learn for us as well in our fallenness and struggle for meaning and significance in life. So we may well find ourselves posturing for importance or recognition. But when this is our focus of attention we are quite frankly distracted from making an impact for Jesus’ kingdom as we have blind spots where our influence on others could be most significant. So Jesus gives some coaching on how to approach settings in which rank and importance are at play and where cultural aspects of honour and shame show up. Take the lowest position every time. Let someone else give you an upgrade.