What’s in it for me?

We have had a rigorous look at the meaning of Jesus’ life, and especially his humanness, death and resurrection. In a sense this has been a “Sunday” exercise as we all fall prey at least at times to the dichotomy of life to some version of sacred and secular. Monday can feel like a different day when the meditations of Sunday are tucked away and life as usual continues. So let’s, on any given day of the week except Sunday, ask “what’s in it for me?” about the resurrection. We’re given three stories of an encounter with resurrection in the lives of Mary, Thomas and Simon. Perhaps one of these stories rings true with me or you.

Mary’s heart was broken. Completely devoted to Jesus she was faithful until the end. In a sense she had nowhere to turn because she was entirely invested in her master and his call. There was nothing to which she could return. She had parted ways with her rather notorious past and had begun again. But now?

Thomas was hard core from Missouri. If it were today he would have been on the side of science. Evidentiary science. Not the ideas of philosophy, not the spinning of facts, not alternative facts, thank you. He had been around the church block several times and was not going to be drawn in yet again. Was Jesus alive in the truest physical sense of the term?

Simon had tried hard. He had great intentions, aspirations, bravado. But he didn’t make the cut. When it mattered he didn’t show up. He did have something to turn back to, so a fisherman’s life it was to be.

Which one is a version of you? Of me? What’s in the resurrection for you, for me?