wise as serpents

While many or most of Jesus’ stories take strange turns and fascinate the reader, this one takes the cake. It appears that the parables are not to be taken as primers for behaviour! They are often complex, tongue in cheek tales that take us past our normal thinking and categories. They bring together humour, realism, hyperbole, poignancy in a delightful mash up. Here is a character indeed. Losing his job over incompetence or dishonesty he takes matters into his own hands to secure his future success. He discounts his master’s debtors accounts to curry their favour so that he will be able to make his own future deals independently with them. This is a story worth some discussion indeed. Is this commendable behaviour in Jesus’ playbook? How is it instructive about how we should behave ourselves in our world. Notice the rather intentional parallel Jesus draws between the scoundrel’s welcome into the homes of his prospective clients and our welcome into an eternal home by virtue of shrewd management of worldly wealth (Luke 16.4, 9.) What do you think?